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Back in 2007, we studied for and passed our CPT exams and we were excited to start our careers in the personal training field. As we started working with people in real life, we quickly realized that the CPT was only the tip of the iceberg, and there was so much more to learn if we wanted to truly be able to make an impact on the people we were working with. We spent the next decade attending seminars, specialty certifications, and workshops, and found ourselves some incredible mentors who helped us shape our training philosophies and hone our coaching skills.

Now, after 12 years in the industry, thousands of hours spent coaching and refining our craft, and opening our own successful training facility, we wanted to do our part in giving back to the personal training field by providing an educational platform for up and coming coaches. AchieveMentors is a place for personal trainers to learn in a supportive environment surrounded by positive, likeminded coaches looking to make an impact on the world!




Courses, guides, and books that delve deep into specific topics that will help you build your knowledge base as a fitness industry professional.


Live workshops and events where we present on our training principles for the general population, instruct on how to perform and coach exercises, and bring in guest speakers to present on their area of expertise.


As a member of our pro-group, you’ll receive exclusive access to our master class, “beyond the CPT” which is a breakdown of our entire philosophy at Achieve Fitness. You’ll also receive monthly upgrades to existing courses so there’s always new information being added. Finally, you’ll have exclusive access to Lauren and Jason and the Achieve Fitness team as your mentors to ask questions, receive feedback, and more!

The passion is evident, insight is invaluable, and community is so positive and supportive. Loving being a part of the AchieveMentors [pro group] and team!
— Renee, AchieveMentors Member
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