What is AchieveMentors?

AchieveMentors is a project we've been working on for quite some time now. It's an educational, video-based platform that covers everything that Lauren and I wished we had known when we first started out as personal trainers. There will be video modules as well as written handouts and audio podcasts on all the of the following:

  • What type of CPT you should pursue as well as how to look for your first job.

  • How to sell and market yourself to gain more clients.

  • How to evaluate, program for, and coach/communicate/cue your clients.

  • How we coach the fundamental movement patterns of squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, lunging, etc.

  • How to approach nutrition and mindset with your clients.

  • How to approach personal branding, social media, and content creation.

  • And a LOT more!

Continued Education

Future modules are going to cover the ins and outs of kettlebell training, powerlifting, olympic lifting as well as presentations on very specific topics brought up by the group. There will also be monthly podcasts as well as case studies/topics of discussion in addition to our community forum.


The most important aspect of the platform will be the community. Personal training is a pretty lonely field, and not many people/friends/family will understand the true "grind" and nature of our work. Having a community of like-minded professionals to learn from, collaborate with, bounce ideas off of, and sometimes commiserate with is going to be invaluable.

This won't be just a one-off product that we launch and forget about - this is going to be a full fledged company where Lauren and I will spend the vast majority of our time. We're going to have our coaches at Achieve also involved down the line and make this a massive platform, because we want the reach of our community to be limitless, and because we see the potential of having thousands of coaches spreading positivity and inclusivity to their clients. It helps to spread our mission much further than we could ever do by ourselves, and for that we're extremely excited!