Who Are We?

We're Jason and Lauren Pak, owners of Achieve Fitness, and our journey as personal trainers started almost 12 years ago. Just like it is for those in the fitness industry today, we were totally overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that was readily available to us. We wanted to learn more, but we just didn’t know where to start. Luckily for us, we serendipitously formed close relationships with people who we admired and were in positions we aspired to be in. Those individuals became our mentors and they guided us and helped mold us to be the professionals we are today. We wanted to condense everything we've learned from the books we read, to the workshops we attended, to the conversations we've had with other professionals in one neatly organized package. Our hope is that we can scale the feeling of mentorship and support by developing a community of like-minded fitness professionals - all with the common goal of helping our clients in a positive, empathetic, and inclusive way. We hope you'll join us!
Who Are We?

What You'll Get:

  • 14 Modules

    You'll receive our most up-to-date information on our training methodology at Achieve Fitness. The 14 modules cover everything from Getting Your CPT, to Evaluations, to Sales, to Program Design, to Cueing and Communication, to Nutrition Principles, to Understanding Movement, to Coaching the Basic Movement Patterns, to Personal Branding.

  • Monthly Upgrades

    Each month, there will be ongoing content upgrades. We'll pick a module and we'll add an expansion lesson to it that builds upon the previous lessons and goes into more nuanced information. We'll also do a "deep dive" on a subject matter that outlines how you can actually apply the information from the primary lesson to your setting so that it's not just theory. Each week, we'll also be posting articles, podcasts, and mini-videos, Zoom conference calls, and hot seats to keep engagement high, but not too overwhelming with information.

  • Mentorship

    You'll have exclusive access to us and our team through our community channel. We basically want you to be an extended member of the Achieve coaching staff. That means you'll receive access to any training-related documents that we use at Achieve. You'll receive access to staff workshops and presentations. You'll also receive general guidance and career advice from us that covers information like job interview best practices, personal growth mindset strategies, setting up a retirement account, etc.

  • Community

    This is probably the most important piece to it all. We know first-hand from our experience building Achieve Fitness that community and the feeling of connectedness is the most important aspect to cultivating an incredible learning environment. Fitness coaching is an extremely demanding, labor-intensive, and isolated line of work to be in. Having a community of like-minded individuals to bond with, to collaborate with, to at times commiserate with, and share victories with is going to be so, so important on your journey!

The Modules

Here's a breakdown of the modules and their corresponding lessons: